Using a computer is undoubtedly an intimidating task if you are a beginner. You must know all the tips and tricks to make it easy for you. Moreover, you will love to see the wide range of tricks the computer provides us. Let us see in detail the tricks computers will provide you for various functions. 

Tricks and Tips for Typing

Let us see some tips that will save your time when you are typing documents.

They include:

  • If you want to move the cursor quicker in starting the previous word, what can you do? Press CTRL+Left rather than wasting your time manually.
  • Want to get the cursor at the start of your next word? Well, press CTRL+Right.
  • By pressing ALT+Backspace, you can recover your deleted item.
  • Delete the whole word using CTRL+Backspace.
  • If you want to highlight any word immediately, double-click on it rather than dragging the cursor here and there.
  • By triple-clicking, you will highlight the entire paragraph.
  • Desire to paste as plain text which is not formatted? Yes, you can! Press CTRL+SHIFT+V.

Tricks And Tips on the Keyboard

  • By pressing F2, you can rename the highlighted document quickly. 
  • If any program is running, close it using ALT+F4. 
  • Windows + D will help you minimize all windows. 
  • Closed a tab accidentally? No worries! Now by pressing Shift+CTRL+T, you can re-open it conveniently.
  • CTRL + W will help you close the current window instead of moving the mouse. 
  • Do you know the computer allows you to take a screenshot too? Only press ALT Print Screen. 


There is nothing easier than using a computer, trust me! But how is it even possible? Well, you can only make it possible if you are familiar with all the tips and tricks of using a computer. Here in this article, you will know some essential tips and tricks of using a computer, ultimately saving your time.